Monday, October 18, 2010

Talkin' about (educational) revolution

Saw on The Daily today Linn’s post of a talk by Sir Ken Robinson on the need not for reform of education but rather for its (utter?) transformation.

It seems there is some synchronousness going on, as i discovered the same video yesterday. But I discovered after another video, which does a great job of adding visuals to a different talk (on the same topic) from Sir Robinson:

While I was at it, I also discovered a great interview of the great Isaac Asimov, in which he describes the emergence of the internet, and its impact on education. 

I think those last two links are must-see for #PLENK2010 participants.

Interestingly, both make a very strong point of individualizing education. Both acknowledge the value of educative processes (which involve having a teacher, whether presential or virtual), but denounce the industrialization of education and plead for the mass-customization of education (in my words).

Obviously, part of the solution for the need to deliver specific contents tailored to each individual’s needs are to be found in the Information and Communication Technologies, and fit perfectly with the idea that each individual has to go about his business of creating his own Personal Learning Environment.


  1. Hi Vahid! :-) Is it possible that you and me sit at the same branch of a gigantic wordwide PLN-tree since we found the video nearly at the same time? I got it from another person in Sweden I think he is not related to PLENK (but who knows?) I will have a look at the video you suggest.

  2. Funny thig is: My source is a Spanish blogger ( ). But there's definitely a point about (really really) 'weak ties' linking us, and the power of Meme(s). Is the social mind / collective intelligence emerging? :)

  3. Hi Linn and Vahid ! I suspect it is currently spreading around almost all streams - since some weeks I see it twice a day :) ( Same with RSA Animate who do a wonderful VizThink job.) I too think, that it is an important message , presented greatly to reach the masses, and was glad to find Sir Ken Robinson - But I also think we in special know that already, and are out to solve the "how" :)
    I'd be curious about your view: - Since two months VizThink seems to boom, same experience for you ? I'd love a growing collection of best-of in a group or thread on the network (but don't want to be the only one to start things there.... ;) ? :)

  4. Alláh'u'Abhá Vahid. Me gustó mucho el video, gracias por compartirlo. Tengo algunos comentarios que hacer al respecto: sin duda alguna Asimov ya visualizaba parte de lo que sería el océano del Internet; los grandes logros y beneficios que podría traer, pero no vislumbró, por lo menos en el video no lo refleja; las grandes barreras que impiden llegar al conocimiento y que están aún fuera del mismo Internet, el aislamiento del individuo de su entorno inmediato, la ausencia de relaciones humanas fuera del mundo cibernético, entre otras. Pero sin duda alguna trae consigo grandes beneficios, algunos mencionados por Asimov. En fin, podemos seguir estimulando la reflexión con textos, videos y otros materiales. Envío muchos saludos para ti y para toda tu familia. Estamos en contacto.

  5. Kamál! Qué gusto verte asomarte por aquí! Cómo es que encontraste este blog? Entiendo tu preocupación respecto al peligro del aislamiento. Sin embargo, en el contexto de la entrevista de Asimov, no es equivalente al peligro de quedarse atrapado en un libro, o en una biblioteca?