Thursday, September 16, 2010

a mindmap on what a PLN is and does

This is where i'm at right now regarding what a PLN is, and what it is good for:

I'm trying to be synthetic here, but would like to know if i've missed anything essential. I do realize that tools, for instance needs more details, and expect to get down to that in the next few days.

Your comments are welcome.


  1. I don't understand how motivation fits into interest(s). Wouldn't the interest(2) components be: individual, shared, discovered?

  2. Thanks for commenting, Barbara!

    What i meant there (and should have highlighted differently) is that motivation is a synonym for interest. I think PLN are created and grow out of an interest.

    For instance, i might be interested in "organizational psychology", and therefore start my PLN on the topic, using tools such as feeds, links, finding like-minded people (who have a shared interest), connect with them (through twitter, or following their blogs), and eventually finding (or even founding) a community on the topic. Throughout the process, i will gather articles, books, and create my own knowledge on the topic.

    Interest on the topic is then my 'drive' to go trough all the pain+joy and discriminating what rewards i get along the process.

    The 'discovered' interest has to do with serendipity and finding the unexpected during our surfing and life happenings. I might chance upon an interest that i had not expected to find previously. I might find a community that is thrilling and just enjoy participating there for the people and the interactions more than the actual topic. Nonetheless, being a member has its side effects, and i learn about the central topic in that community, even though this is not something i was aiming for.